Booster Washing Liquids 1.5l

Booster liquid for washing clothes with lanolin, owing to its appropriately selected surfactants penetrates deep into the fibres of fabrics, effectively rinsing out dirt and removing unpleasant odours.

coloured fabrics
fine fabrics
dark fabrisc
The liquids are available in a functional bottle with a handle. The volume: 1,5 L

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Booster Washing Liquids 1.5l

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Booster washing liquids have been developed based on appropriately selected surfactants. Chemicals penetrate deep into the fibres of the fabrics removing dirt and unpleasant odours. The product is perfect for washing cotton, linen and plastics. The offered laundry detergents contain anionic and non-ionic surfactants that feature high washing capacity.

Additional substances make the liquids suitable for washing in water of any hardness.  Their properties have a protective effect on fabrics and colours. The tests confirm the non-sensitising effect of the liquid. Its concentrated formula makes them efficient to use, with just a small amount providing the desired effect. Washed fabrics rinse well and have a nice fragrance. The product is environmentally safe; its ingredients are biodegradable.

We offer liquids in three versions with lanolin:
  • for washing coloured fabrics in automatic washing machines
  • for washing delicate fabrics such as silk, wool, suitable for automatic washing machines and for hand washing,
  • for washing black and dark fabrics.


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