Company policy
Gold Drop

The policy of Gold Drop, a household chemistry company, is aimed at ensuring continuous growth by manufacturing products that both satisfy our customers and are environmentally friendly.

We wish the company were perceived as:
- trustworthy, reliable and serious,
- committed to the idea of sustainable development and social responsibility,
- eco-friendly.
In order to maintain and reinforce the above mentioned image, we make every endeavour to:
- provide products and services that meet our customers’ needs and requirements, are safe for the end-user and environmentally friendly,
- maintain equitable business relations with our customers and suppliers,
- adhere to local regulations and other requirements referring to manufactured products and identified environmental aspects,
- ensure full compliance of products marked with Ecolabel and Nordic Ecolabel (SWAN) with the applicable criteria of environment-friendly labelling,
- develop the Integrated Quality Management and Environmental Management System in order to improve its performance and effects,
- use natural resources, know-how, technology and capital in a rational manner,
- improve all the processes within the management system and modernize equipment in use,
- follow the Principles of Good Manufacturing Practice,
- develop understanding and responsibility among the personnel for quality and the environment by improving their qualifications, motivating, 
- identify potential hazards and relevant environmental aspects on a regular basis,
- prevent pollution and be prepared to effectively eliminate or minimize the environmental impact.
I am deeply convinced that this Quality and Environment Policy will help us strengthen our market position and improve our financial situation, providing for workplaces and environmental care for the benefit of the society.

Chairman of the Management Board
Chief Executive Officer STANISŁAW GĄGAŁA Limanowa 28.08.2018

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