Concentrated fabric conditioner

Booster Concentrated Fabric Conditioners are efficient and cost-effective products to be used for all types of fabric. They make them uniquely soft and fluffy, providing fresh and durable fragrance.

Mild water lily
Delicate lavender
Aroma Magnolia
Aroma Rose
Aroma Orchid
Vol. 1 l

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Concentrated fabric conditioner

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Their antistatic properties prevent static build-up. The delicate formula does not cause any allergic response or skin irritations.

The hypoallergenic version has been extensively dermatologically tested. 

The concentrate is produced in six fragrance & colour combinations:

Classic concentrate line:


•Mild water lily

•Delicate lavender

Perfumed concentrate line with microcapsules:

• Aroma Orchid 

• Aroma Rose 

• Aroma Magnolia 


The product is available in a 1 liter bottle.

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