Hypoallergenic products (SWAN and AA certified)

With a view to look after the environment, Gold Drop has developed an idea to produce a line of ecological products with the SWAN marking; what’s more, especially for people with problematic and allergy-prone skin, the products have also been certified with the Asthma Allergy /AA/ logo.

SWAN Certificate - the basis for awarding the Nordic swan mark is meeting strict criteria set out for cosmetic products. The criteria change on average every 3-4 years. Nordic Swan Ecolabel is an ecological mark recognised in Scandinavian countries and Europe. The mission of Nordic Swan Ecolabel is to contribute to sustainable consumption, which can be achieved by consumers by choosing products with the SWAN logo.
Nordic Swan Ecolabel has the product life cycle perspective in mind.
Important environmental issues taken into consideration while establishing the criteria include:
  • energy consumption,
  • climate,
  • water consumption,
  • resources,
  • packaging,
  • waste.
Asthma Allergy certificate – is awarded by a Danish Association.
AA-certified products are characterised by:
- minimised allergenic effect on the skin
- no fragrance, colourants, strongly allergenic chemical ingredients or preservatives.

All ingredients in products bearing the AA logo, even those present in very low quantities, are listed on the label. This means that the consumer is aware what ingredients will come into contact with their skin while using the product.

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