Gold Drop aims at continuing sustainable development of the company and its products, winning new markets, adjusting its offer to the customers’ requirements and, at the same time, protecting natural environment. Investment in human resources and sharing success with local communities are also important.
In our company we adhere to the Quality and Environmental Policy, as well as the principle of sustainable development, according to which we take a number of actions to protect the environment:
  • we make sure that our products are safe for users and the surrounding environment.
In 2009, the first product was manufactured with the European Ecolabel certificate, which is the official European award given to products that meet higher environmental and quality standards. The “eco-line” series of products already includes a few products, and the series is still being developed;
  • we make rational use of natural resources – we produce the solar energy by using solar panels;
  • we modernize the applied technologies and equipment;
  • we have purchased energy exclusively from renewable sources, which is confirmed by the respect energy certificate; as a result, our CO2 emissions decreased to 324,800 kg per annum;
We introduce devices with advanced parameters, which allows for lower consumption of the energy and natural gas. The modern system of mechanical ventilation launched by us allows us to recover the heat produced in the hall and use it for further heating;
  • we use the principle of waste minimalization and we undertake a number of activities in this regard. At the same time, we apply waste segregation in every department, and divide waste into plastics, paper, municipal waste and hazardous waste;
  • in relation to the identified environmental aspects, environmental objectives and targets are determined every year. These targets are mainly related to pollution prevention and the reduction of its negative impact on the environment;
  • we pay all the fees for using the environment for economic purposes;
  • we apply the principles of Good Manufacturing Practice in the execution of all our production processes;
  • we strive to ensure that our staff take informed and responsible actions to care for quality and the environment.

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