Washing liquids

Modern liquids whose formulas are based on carefully selected surfactants that penetrate fabric removing dirt and unpleasant smell. Intended for washing cotton, linen and synthetics.

Universal for automatic washing machines
Liquid for washing delicate fabrics
For washing dark and black fabrics
The liquids are available in a functional bottle with a handle. The volume: 1 L

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Washing liquids

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Remember to follow the instructions of washing machine and fabric manufacturers. The liquids contain anionic and non-ionic surfactants that show great washing properties, which significantly facilitates removing organic and non-organic dirt. They contain coconut soap that is gentle and kind to the skin and does not irritate it.

The additives (sequestrants) soften water, thus the liquids can be used with water of any hardness. They protect fabrics and colours. Dermatologically tested – do not provoke allergic response. The liquids are concentrated and economical to use. Even a very small amount guarantees the effect. They provide a durable and pleasant scent, and are easily rinsed. Biodegradable and environmentally-friendly.

Booster washing liquids are available in three versions:

  • Universal for automatic washing machines – intended for white and colour fabrics washed in automatic or rotary washing machines and for handwashing.
  • Liquid for washing delicate fabrics (wool, silk, cotton), with an addition of LANOLINE and coconut soap to enhance the washing effect. Suitable for automatic washing machines and for hand washing. 
  • For washing dark and black fabrics – protects them against fading. Keeps the fabric’s original intensive colour.

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