Gold Drop
Universal cleaning and disinfectant liquid

The universal cleaning and disinfectant liquid effectively disinfects wooden, painted, ceramic, plastic (including PVC) surfaces, walls, tiles, panels and food contact surfaces.

The product has been approved for marketing as a biocidal product, approval no. 7402/18

Vol. 1l, 5l

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Universal cleaning and disinfectant liquid

Produst details

This disinfectant allows you to feel safe and comfortable. Easy to use and universal to help you save time and money.
- product has bactericidal and fungicidal properties
- free from aldehydes
- cleans, washes, refreshes and kills bacteria
- a ready-to-use solution
- strong formula
- ensures a high level of hygiene
- safe to use and gentle to the skin
- pleasant eucalyptus fragrance leaves a fresh aroma
- safe to the surfaces cleaned
- perfect for quick disinfection of surfaces and equipment
- suitable for food contact surfaces
- great for hairdressing studios, beauty studios, tanning studios, large stores, gyms, medical practices, schools, public offices and other public utility buildings, and at home.
Directions for use:
Cleaning and disinfection
1)  Use undiluted liquid if the surface if heavily soiled. Apply the liquid evenly on the surface and clean off contamination. Wipe the surface again with a clean, damp cloth.
2) Disinfection: Apply the liquid carefully and evenly on the surface, leave to work for 5-15 minutes depending on the desired result and wipe the surface again with a clean, damp cloth.
The product produces bactericidal effects in 5 minutes
The product produces fungicidal effects in 15 minutes
Diluted product does not produce bactericidal nor fungicidal effects.
In case of cleaning and disinfection of food contact surfaces, wipe the surface afterwards with drinking water.

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