Plumber gel

Gel for declogging outlet pipes in sinks and bathtubs. A highly efficient product in removing deposits of fat and other substances of organic origin that build up in the outflow pipes and elbows.

Vol. 1 l

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Plumber gel

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Perfectly dissolves grease, hair, kitchen wastes, paper and cotton-wool. Does not cause heating of pipes. Safe for metal and plastic pipes. With this product there is no need to declog the pipes mechanically, thus you can do it easily and efficiently.

Thanks to its thick, gel consistency and a high specific gravity, the gel flows down the pipe with gravity, goes through the water accumulated in an elbow and reaches the blockage. The product is available in 1L bottles with a self-blocking safety cap that make it impossible for children to open it accidentally.

Caution! Due to aggressive character of the gel, safety measures must be applied while using the product. It should not be applied on aluminium plated objects.

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