Hypoallergenic washing up liquid

This hypoallergenic washing up liquid has been awarded the SWAN certificate by a Danish organisation (Ecolabelling Denmark), as well as the Asthma Allergy certificate awarded by a Danish Association.

vol. 500ml

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Hypoallergenic washing up liquid

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  • The washing up liquid contains alkyl polyglycoside, which perfectly combines the properties of modern surfactants with current and future requirements - the product is safe and environmentally-friendly.
  • Manufactured only with the use of renewable sources.
  • The liquid perfectly cleanses and removes residue, produces rich lather and has a low potential to irritate the skin.
  • The carefully selected mix of anionic, non-ionic and amphoteric surfactants is gentle of the skin and ensures efficient removal of fat and dirt from your dishes, leaving them clean and very shiny.
  • No streaks or smudges, the liquid lathers very well.
  • Its thick consistency makes it very efficient.
  • Neutral pH and glycerine found in the liquid ensure that the product is safe to your hands.
  • The effectiveness of the product has been verified by an independent, specialised research laboratory. The test score was very good.
  • The formula does not contain fragrance, colourants or allergenic preservatives.
  • The aroma only comes from the ingredients used; the preservative used is gentle on the skin, which means that the product can be used for washing the dishes by hand without any problems or concerns.
  • The right dosage reduces costs and minimises its negative impact on the environment.
  • The washing up liquid production method is energy-efficient, helping to reduce carbon monoxide emissions.
  • The product has been dermatologically tested (semi-open patch test) by an external laboratory. The test was carried out under the supervision of specialised dermatologists on a group of 30 participants with past allergies, sensitive skin or confirmed allergies to cosmetics and household chemicals. The product did not cause an irritant or allergenic reaction on the skin of any of the participants.
  • The product meets the requirements for cosmetic products with declared hypoallergenic properties in terms of safety for human health.

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