Gold Wax
Furniture liquid cleaner

Gold Wax furniture cleaner and care product. Excellent in removing all stains and fingerprints from furniture surface, the product prevents also further staining.

Vol. 400 ml

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Furniture liquid cleaner

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Gold Wax antistatic surface finisher
It is a mild, freshly fragranced, and safe product for various surfaces, with antistatic properties and moisturising additives that make cleaning easier to use and provide shine.
The nanosilicate technology ensures no streaks and prevents against stains. The product cleans wooden furniture, wood and wood-like veneer. It can also be used for cleaning metal and glass surfaces as well as electronic equipment such as Hi-Fi sets, videos, TVs, computer screens, etc. It removes fingerprints from furniture and equipment. The product does not leave streaks and stains. Its special formula ensures extremely effective dust removal and prevents it from accumulating on surfaces.
• It cleans quickly and leaves no streaks or dull deposits
• Its antistatic component ensures perfect dust removal
• It is perfect for cleaning all surfaces such as protected wood or glass
• It is safe for household appliances & audio/video devices
• It is easy to apply
• It gives a delicate and pleasant fragrance.
• Vega - the product does not contain raw materials of animal origin and is vegetarian and vegan-friendly
• It does not contain micro-plastics

Gold Wax antistatic preparation for furniture care

With its antistatic properties, the product removes dust, prevents its build-up and gives a shine to the cleaned surface. Delicate fragrance composition enriched with wood and flower flavours leaves a long-lasting scent, cheering household members up.

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