Floor and floor planels cleaner

A very effective cleaner for wooden surfaces. It is also suitable for other kinds of floors: lacquered, ceramic and plastic (PVC), stone and panelled.

Forest scent – with pine oil
Lemon scent – with lemon oil.
The product is available in functional 1-litre bottles with a handle and 5-litre containers.

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Floor and floor planels cleaner

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The cleaner effectively removes dirt, slightly polishes and feeds wooden surfaces without any damage to their texture. It contains an anti-static agent that prevents dust build-up on the floor surface. The natural pine or lemon oil, which is one of the ingredients, effectively helps remove dirt and the surface becomes beautiful and fresh again. A protective agent contained in the cleaner saves hands and does not irritate skin. The carefully selected scent combination leaves the room with a nice and durable scent wafting on the air.

It is very economical to use.

It is produced in two combinations:

  • Forest scent – with pine oil,
  • Lemon scent – with lemon oil.

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