Eco Line
Environmentally Friendly Toilet Cleaner

Environmentally Friendly Toilet Cleaner effectively removes scale and grime from toilet bowls. Prevents grime build-up. Makes surfaces shine without polishing, freshens them and leaves a pleasant scent.

Vol. 1 l

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Environmentally Friendly Toilet Cleaner

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Eco Line liquid effectively removes scale and grim from toilet bowls and prevents from grime build-up, perfectly refreshes, neutralizes unpleasant odors leaving a pleasant scent.

Directions for use: apply on the surface to be cleaned with the use of the attached applicator, leave for 5 minutes, then clean with a brush. Repeat if needed. After cleaning, rinse the surface thoroughly with water. Before use, test the product on a less visible surface.

CAUTION! Keep out of the reach of children. 
Do not mix cleaners.
CAUTION! Do not use on damaged surfaces or surfaces sensitive to acids i.e. aluminium, marble, enamel.

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