Carpet hand-washing

It is an innovative carpet cleaner intended for hand-washing of carpets, car and furniture upholstery.

spring fresh
Vol. 500 ml

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Carpet hand-washing

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Thanks to the ACTIVE FOAM it effectively removes stains and prevents from further soiling. The carefully selected and of high quality ingredients make it very effective and economical to use. It removes all stains, even the ones that are difficult to remove with other cleaners. You can easily and quickly restore surfaces to their original state. It refreshes and leaves a pleasant flowery scent that wafts on the air for a very long time.

It is available in two combinations:

  • spring fresh
  • citrus fresh

It is available in nice and handy 500 ml bottles with a sprayer that helps spreading the cleaner on the surface and 500 ml bottles without a sprayer (spare bottle).

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